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How Performance Psychology Can Give You the Mental Toughness to Succeed

Mental toughness is a skill that benefits runners at all levels and distances. Learning how to implement this important skill is more accessible than you think, and the improvement gains from regular practice can be extensive.


While runners have always understood that there is a mental component to training and racing, it’s only in recent years that we have begun to apply this more routinely. Sports psychology and mental training are no longer solely reserved for elite athletes – runners of all levels can benefit from applying these principles.

As we have learned more about the importance of mental training, the question has now become how do we apply it in a way that is practical and effective? Like physical training, mental training takes time, practice and repetition. Finding strategies to incorporate mental training into your daily workouts is essential to maximize the benefits.

Jen Schumacher on performance psychology & mental toughness

This week’s guest on the podcast is an expert in performance psychology and its application to athletes at all levels. Jen Schumacher is currently the mental performance consultant for Northwestern University’s football program. Previously she was the Assistant Director of the Performance Psychology program at West Point Military Academy. She is also a professional speaker and provides training for elite performers in many fields, whether ultra-endurance athletes or Fortune 100 executives.

Our discussion focuses on an introduction to sports psychology, how it applies to endurance sports, and how to create a regular practice that will allow you to reap the benefits. Some of the topics we touch on include:

  • Jen’s background & the goals of the Performance Psychology Program at West Point
  • The best way for endurance runners to get started with performance psychology
  • Common mistakes for athletes using mindset training
  • The best approach to tackling the mental skills we seek as runners
  • How to avoid the comparison trap and turn it into something positive
  • How Jen applied performance psychology to her own ultra-endurance swimming

My conversation with Jen with help make sports psychology more accessible for everyone. The more regularly you can make it a part of your own training, the better the results will be!

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