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Grayson Murphy on Threshold Love, VO2 Max Disdain, and “Lifetime Mileage”

If you’re not already familiar with Grayson Murphy, you will be soon! Grayson’s talent, work ethic, and positive energy have created a force to be reckoned with in the running world.

Some runners love the length and challenge of the marathon, while others revel in the intensity of the 5k distance. Trails and mountains call to many runners, but few manage to tackle the challenges of all of these types of races with mastery and dominance. Training for races as varied as a road marathon and a vertical kilometer requires an enormous aerobic engine that revs high and hard.

My guest on this week’s episode is likely a familiar name, as she is a two-time world mountain running champion, and a 4-time US national champion in mountain running and the vertical kilometer. Grayson Murphy is one of the best runners in the world and the breadth of her success is amazing. In addition to her mountain running accolades, she has been a finalist at the US Steeplechase Olympic Trials and has qualified for the 2024 Olympic Trials marathon.

Grayson Murphy on threshold training, the vertical K and more

Grayson joined me on the podcast for episode 279 where we discussed her path back from multiple injuries and how she handled them mentally and physically. Aside from her running, Grayson is a small business owner at Racin’ Grayson where she has designed an annual training log and planner.

Despite her speed, Grayson has a particular dislike of VO2 workouts. Threshold runs and strides are her happy place, as are the roads and mountains. In our discussion we go into depth on Grayson’s training and how she structures her workouts for success, including:

  • Grayson’s current adventures, including a trip to Patagonia
  • Her recent health concerns and how it has impacted her training
  • How Grayson’s focus on endurance training gives her great breadth for racing
  • The pain cave of the vertical kilometer (and how I’ve been challenged to try one!)
  • How Grayson uses limited and specific VO2 max workouts in training
  • The concept of “lifetime mileage” for runners
  • Grayson’s future racing plans

Grayson’s success has come in part from her ability to understand what works best for her mind and body. Our conversation will help you understand how you can apply some of these concepts to your own training. Enjoy!

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