Master Your Mental Training with Dr. Justin Ross

Isn’t it funny how runners usually focus all their energy on training – when their psychology is arguably a lot more important?

mental training

The great Yogi Berra quote is about baseball, but it might as well be:

Baseball is 90%

Steve Kamb on How to Make Exercise Easy

Is it possible to make exercise and a healthy lifestyle easy rather than a chore that’s always skipped?

I think it is – and so does my guest on Episode 5 of the Strength Running Podcast: Steve Kamb. …

Do You Have Mental Toughness? How to Train Your Brain for Your Next Race

This is a guest post from Doug Hay from Rock Creek Runner. Follow him on Twitter here.


Mental Toughness

You’ve been training for that big race awhile now, right? I can tell because you’re deep in the zone.

You’re …

The Psychology of Running Motivation: How To Get in the Right Frame of Mind to Dominate Your Training

Motivation - Reaching Goals

Not qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Failing to set a new PR.

Missing weeks of training.

Running a horrible race.

Runners fail all the time. But the failures I just mentioned are huge; they are the ones that …

The Strength Running Vision: 7 Rules of the Strength Runner Code

Strength Running is about more than just me, Jason Fitzgerald. It’s about you – my fellow Strength Runners and the community that supports the Strength Running vision.

Welcome aboard. If you’ve been hanging out here for a few …

What Does it Take to Run a PR? Five Runners Show You Their Strategies

In my last post, I talked about my decision to be a faster runner. I committed to doing the work that was necessary to bring my performances to the next level. It worked and I ran nearly a minute …

Is Running One of Your New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s a 5-Point Plan for Success

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Tens of millions of people made resolutions this year, many of them centered around health and well-being. From eating better, strength training, to running a few times a week – New Year’s goals …

Running Through Fatigue: Should You Run After a Hard Workout?

In the normal training cycle, there will be workouts that are longer and more intense than others. Your long run or interval workout are examples that may cause more soreness than a standard distance or tempo run. Soreness is …

The Gym Jones Approach to Distance Running

Pretty much anything Mark Twight offered up was so difficult in the kind of way where you wish you had never been born – and even more than that, wished he had never been born.” – Gerard

What’s Your Favorite Running Memory? Runners Answer: Boston Qualifiers, Yosemite’s Half Dome, and Huarache’s

After having run for over 12 years, it seems like some of my favorite memories have been through running. I’ve raced indoor track, outdoor track, cross-country, road races, and the New York Marathon. My fiancee was a college runner …