How to Ramp Up Your Mileage to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

Earlier this week I wrote about the importance of running a high volume training program for most of the year. The benefits are undeniable:

  • Increased running economy and efficiency
  • More endurance through a higher aerobic capacity
  • Injury prevention by

How to be a Vegetarian Marathoner – An Interview with Matt Frazier

If you’re training for a marathon and eating vegetarian, you probably have questions about how to eat properly. It’s a common struggle for a lot of vegetarian or vegan endurance athletes.

I’m not a vegetarian but I know …

Philadelphia Marathon Photos and Potential 2011 Race

First, a huge congratulations to all of the finishers of the 2010 Philadelphia Marathon this past Sunday. I watched more than half of the marathoners finish and it’s truly an inspiring sight. I get goosebumps when I think about …

3 Marathon Workouts to Turbo Charge Your Marathon Training

Are you hoping to qualify for the Boston Marathon?

Maybe you’re trying to run another personal record at the Chicago Marathon. Whatever your marathon goals, I have several strategies for your marathon workouts that will take your training to …