Injury Prevention for Runners

Injury prevention should be a top goal for every runner as it allows you to run more consistently (plus, injuries aren’t any fun!). Preventing an overuse injury can be done with smart training or the right rehabilitative or prevention exercises. When you prioritize injury prevention, you prioritize your longevity in this sport.

Read an article below to learn more about injury prevention! And for the most detailed, step-by-step program, see Injury Prevention for Runners.

Tweet Let’s talk about your support network. Do you have one? Do you have an inner circle of trusted runners you can reach out to for advice? I’ve been fortunate to have had hundreds of teammates over my 8-year career running cross country and track in high school and college. And over those years, I had over […]


Tweet Transforming the lives of runners is why I love this job. Hearing the successes of my athletes gets me up in the morning and excited to get to work. Nearly every day my inbox is flooded with success stories – runners who have run unbelievable personal bests, stayed healthy for longer than ever before, […]

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Tweet “I call them business meetings,” pro marathoner Ryan Hall once said about his daily nap. Ryan is the fastest American marathoner and half marathoner of all-time and is so adamant about his regular nap that he insists it’s part of his job: “Everyone else seems to call their afternoon shuteye ‘naps.’ I call them […]


Tweet Rarely do we take a meaningful amount of time and step back from the bustle of our daily lives to reflect on our accomplishments and progresss. But it’s a valuable tool that can help you stay on track with all of your goals. Author Chris Guillebeau performs his own annual review to evaluate his personal and professional […]


Tweet Do you love a good massage? You should: the benefits of massage for runners may help you attain your next personal best. Study the training of professional runners and you’ll notice that they have an entire team helping them succeed. Their coach is just the leader – most elites also see sports psychologists, strength coaches, nutritionists, a variety of doctors, […]

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Tweet Isn’t it amazing what you can accomplish when you make a few simple tweaks to your running? In just a few months, it’s possible to resolve chronic injuries, get even stronger, and run a slew of personal bests. With the right training approach, most runners can undergo a dramatic transformation. But it will take […]

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Tweet What if you could run more – while feeling stronger and getting far fewer injuries? I think you can.  In fact, if most runners incorporated just a few small changes to their training they’d see dramatic results with not only their running, but so many other areas of life. Healthy running makes everything else seem easy, […]

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Tweet I love questions that have a clear answer, like: What’s on Jason’s running playlist? Taylor Swift, obviously. How long is that marathon? 26.2 miles – c’mon Nana, all marathons are the same distance! Is running the best sport ever? No doubt. But often, there aren’t clear answers to questions about running. There are shades of […]

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Tweet Of the dozens of questions I get every week, the most common is How do I return to running after an injury? Because injuries are (unfortunately) so abundant – and as runners we love to run – I’m not surprised I get this so frequently. But it’s also exceptionally complex. I always have even more […]

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Tweet Do you have muscle imbalances? Spoiler alert: of course you do! In fact, we all do. Nobody is perfectly symmetrical. We may have a dominant leg, strike the ground harder with one foot, pronate more with one leg, or lean slightly to one particular side. It’s normal – it’s human. And it doesn’t necessarily mean […]

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