The Hidden Causes of Running Injuries with Brodie Sharpe

Most runners are familiar with common training flaws that can lead to injury – like running faster or farther than your body can handle. But understanding subtle causes of injury can make you a smarter, healthier runner and competitor.

As an athlete and a runner in particular, injuries are tough to avoid.  Whether you are pushing for a 5k personal best or ramping up your volume for a future marathon, running will never be zero risk.  Even being a sedentary couch potato comes with its own set of issues!

When it comes to training and longevity in the sport you love, learning to tune into your body and plan your training is the best tool in your arsenal for injury prevention.  Recognizing the impact of stress in all of its forms – whether it’s training, work, or relationships – will help you understand how to manage the load in a way that lets your body thrive instead of suffer.

This week’s guest on the podcast may be a familiar one – he has joined me for two previous episodes and is a phenomenal resource for learning how to run smart and avoid injury. Brodie Sharpe is a physiotherapist, the host of the Run Smarter Podcast, and the author of a new book, Run Smarter.

Brodie Sharpe on the hidden causes of injuries

As a PT who specializes in endurance runners, Brodie takes a holistic approach to injury prevention. He helps runners learn how to correct mistakes and work with their bodies to get healthy. Brodie emphasizes the importance of looking at training as well as your lifestyle around it, since every aspect of what you do impacts how you feel and perform.

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While the Strength Running community has often heard me talk about the danger of the “toos” – too much, too fast, too soon – Brodie and I dig into some of the more subtle factors that can sabotage your training. Our discussion focuses on a number of elements that have a bigger impact on your running than you realize. We talk about:

  • Why all types of stress have the same impact on your body as training
  • How our perfectionist tendencies can both help and harm our running
  • The importance of reflection in training and injury prevention
  • Why you need to learn the subtleties of your body’s language
  • The importance of trial and error in training
  • How to make early injury detection your new superpower

Brodie has been a frequent guest on this podcast for a reason!  He’s full of intuitive, actionable advice that can improve your running and prevent injury. Enjoy!

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