Strength Running Turns 6 Years Old!

Six years ago, I published my first article on this site. What started as an experiment has exploded into the running community you see today.

Team Strength Running Locations

We’re now 56,000+ runners strong from all over the world. We could sell out …

The #1 Way to Reach All of Your Running Goals

I’ve been coaching runners since 2010 – and I’m in awe of how many lives I’ve touched over the years. SR has been visited by over 6,000,000 people from almost every country in the world:

Strength Running International

I’m coming for you …

Announcing the Gear Junkie Giveaway (worth $500!)

Have you ever looked back at pictures of yourself and cringed? Yeah, me too.

When I started running, I wore basketball shoes, long mesh shorts and a cotton t-shirt. It was a fashion disaster – Tim Gunn would have …

Team Strength Running is Now Open!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve discovered just how important support and guidance is to your running.

The next big question is “How exactly do I get that support?!”

That’s why I’m excited to open my new coaching …

Happy 2016! Welcome to the Year of the Team

Welcome to 2016! Are you ready to have your best year of running ever?

It’s my birthday! Will you celebrate with me?

Yesterday I turned 32 and treated myself to an incredible trail run in the mountains of Colorado:

Of course, I had to justify the heaps …

What I learned Being a Headmaster at Camp Nerd Fitness

Last week, I traveled to Camp Nerd Fitness for a long weekend of teaching classes, connecting with runners, and wearing women’s clothes:

Strength Running’s All-Hands Meeting: Coaching Updates, Speaking & More

August was a busy month here at SR (don’t miss the updates below), but of course, I found time to dance my face off:

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What? …

What does “listen to your body” really mean? Q&A with Coach #15 has the answer

If you buy any running book you’ll see the phrase “listen to your body.” But what does this mean practically, on a day to day basis?

For new or beginner runners, it’s hard to listen to this …

My new book for beginner runners is now available! Let’s party

Cue the confetti and balloons… I’m thrilled to announce that my newest book is finally here!

Running for Health and Happiness

Running for Health & Happiness: The Beginner’s Guide to Faster, Pain-Free Running is the culmination of years of coaching and decades of training.…