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5 Tips for Your Debut Ultramarathon (with the hosts of Becoming Ultra’s My First Ultra)

Completing an ultra gives you bragging rights in all running circles. But training for one is a real challenge. It takes time, many hours on your feet, and, most importantly, the right mindset to pursue this lofty goal.

Jason Fitzgerald

Years ago I set out to run my first ultramarathon and DNFed. While it wasn’t exactly the debut I had hoped for, my fascination with ultras only grew since then.

I have interviewed numerous ultra runners to get their take on the demands of the sport and what drives them. You can listen to episodes with:

On today’s podcast, I’m sharing my tips to successfully training for and completing your first ultra. And next time around, I’ll make sure to follow these suggestions myself!

Tips for Your First Ultra

This episode is a repost from the My First Ultra show, part of the Becoming Ultra podcast, with Kris and Carly. I met them at the Rocky Mountain Trail Camp where we bonded over running, training, and of course, podcasting.

This conversation is for aspiring ultra marathoners. After my own attempt, I have no delusions about the challenge that you’d be taking on, as I mention here:

Here are the 5 tips I offer to anyone pursuing their first ultra:

  1. Give yourself enough time – remember, it’s a mountain!
  2. Don’t put the race on a pedestal
  3. Don’t skip the speed work, it will pay off even during an ultra
  4. Incorporate strength training
  5. Find a course that is manageable

Diving deep into those tips, we talk about injury prevention and the value of a coach. I also share how I almost didn’t become a runner, what got me into the sport, and why I’m still here doing what I love.

Listen to the full episode below and I hope you’ll come away inspired!

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