Pacing, Structure, and Philosophy of Running Workouts with Elisabeth Scott

Learning to play with speed intentionally is the foundation of all running workouts, whether short or long, simple or complex. If they are done right, workouts can help you get faster and gain an intuitive sense of pacing that will serve you well at any distance.

When it comes to training design, running workouts often get all the attention. Well-structured workouts can help you earn a personal best, but what’s even more important is understanding how they fit into the bigger picture of your training. 

After all, there are so many!

Well-designed workouts make you stronger and move you toward your race goals, but they must be balanced with adequate recovery. The 80/20 rule (where about 80% of your running is done at an easy effort, and 20% is done at more challenging paces) is a good place to start, but may not suit every runner at every stage of training.

With so much terminology around running workouts (strides and threshold runs and VO2 max efforts, oh my!), it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Fortunately, the general philosophy behind these types of training is less complicated than you think. 

Elisabeth Scott on Running Workouts

To help address some of the confusion surrounding run workouts, this week’s podcast answers a number of questions from Twitter followers. Here to discuss them with me is Elisabeth Scott, host of the Running Explained Podcast

Elisabeth has coaching certifications from USA Track and Field, Road Runners Club of America, and the United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy. She loves going deep on the science of training, and will help you better understand the concepts and design of running workouts.

Some of the listener questions we address cover:

  • Defining workouts and determining how often to run them
  • Running workouts by pacing vs. perceived exertion
  • Using workouts appropriately when base training
  • How a narrow focus on pacing can keep you from getting faster
  • Why hilly races may require less hill training than you expect
  • The importance of mileage, strength and consistency alongside your workouts

Runners of all levels will benefit from learning how to think about your workouts to stay motivated and find longevity in the sport you love!

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