13 Proven Race Strategies to Help You Run Faster

Since 2010, I’ve been helping runners run faster. But a unique benefit of having a website like this is that I get to connect with elite runners, other coaches, Boston Qualifiers, and more experts in the running world.


3 Elite Coaches and Scientists Share How to Run Injury-Free

Learning about injury prevention from the brightest minds in the sport has its advantages.

Forget anecdotal advice that might work for one person, but isn’t universal. Instead, doesn’t it make more sense to go straight to the experts?

Injury Prevention for Runners

You …

Take Your Running to the Next Level: How to Benefit From a Running Coach

Online coaching is becoming more and more popular for all types of runners. And that’s awesome because coaching is the best job in the world.

Running - Coach

Over the years, I’ve worked with so many types of athletes:

  • Postpartum women
  • Master’s

You Be the Coach: How Should Torsten Train Between Marathons?

Today is another installment of the popular “You be the Coach” series where I ask for your coaching advice.

The strength of the SR community (see what I did there?) is that collectively, we can help runners train smarter …

How Rainy Got Her Half Marathon Training Right (and you can too)

Confession: I have a love-hate relationship with the half.

It’s a fantastic distance and half marathon training isn’t nearly as grueling as marathon preparation, so it’s much easier to do.

Half Marathon

But I’ve never actually run a good half marathon! …

Do You Have Too Many Goals? (New Video)

Why are you running?

It’s a simple question. But sometimes we have no idea how to answer it.

too many goals

Every runner has different goals:

  • Train for a 5k
  • qualify for Boston
  • lose weight
  • run your first marathon
  • be more consistent

The World’s Quickest Coach’s Chat

Simplicity is always the best choice. Unless you’re a guru of course. In that case, Vern Gambetta says you should:

Make everything as complex as possible. If you are not sure, make it more complicated.

Sun Rise

Today I’m going to …

It’s Official: 1-on-1 Injury Prevention Coaching is Starting Soon

It’s coming: the 1-on-1 Injury Prevention Coaching program is opening this month.

I wasn’t sure if this type of in-depth, intensive coaching was something you were interested in (or I was willing to take on), but the response was …

Deb Quit Running for 20 Years… Now She Runs Ultramarathons (plus a new announcement)

Whoa – the response you’ve given me from this new focus on injury prevention has been awesome.

Thank you to everyone who has been inspired by Sarah’s story and emailed, tweeted, or messaged me with your questions and …

Can you really go from chronically injured to healthy and pain free? This is my story

Earlier this month I got an email from Todd. He told me:

Love your blog! Lots of useful tips for us mere mortals 😉

I laughed and thanked him for the compliment. But it got me thinking – does …