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Coaching & Training

My coaching and training programs are all designed to help you get stronger, stay healthy, & race faster.

Frustrated with constant injuries, months of setbacks, and zero consistency?

Most runners are chronically stuck in the injury cycle. It’s time to regain your confidence and finally enjoy every run – injury free.

Bodyweight strength training focusing on power, with no gym or experience required!

Balance strength with running to maximize gains in both, boost your speed into a lethal finishing kick, and gain definition your partner will love!

Lift like an elite runner to build power, efficiency, and a lethal fast finishing kick.

Strength training is not cross-training – it’s just how good runners should train. See how to lift just like the pro runners.

Tired of inconsistent running? Or suffering from a lack of motivation?

Learn more about Team Strength Running. It's an affordable coaching & personal training community made for runners just like you!

Get Help with Specific Goals

Improve Your Strength and Speed

Learn why you should never lift for endurance, how the right strength work prevents running injuries, how to improve the “force production” of every stride and much more.

Injury Prevention and Maintenance

Get workouts, tips, & exercises from a USA Track & Field certified coach. Includes 2 Video presentations on injury myths, mistakes, training strategies to stay healthy, and more.

Get Mental Toughness, Focus, and Confidence

Banish negative self-talk, get mentally tough, and build confidence. Running demands tenacity, focus, and mental toughness but runners rarely work on their mental fitness.


Strength Running Podcast

with Jason Fitzgerald

Often ranked as the #1 running podcast in America, the Strength Running podcast is recommended by Runner’s World, PodiumRunner, and many others.

Hear from leading running experts on preventing injuries, improving performance, getting stronger, and developing mental toughness.